3 Yoga Asanas that Help Increase your Height

Yoga is more than just a lifestyle choice. It is also a highly regarded form of exercise that has numerous benefits. It can relieve stress, promote healthier sleep, and there’s little doubt that it can increase flexibility. Yoga postures and poses can help stretch and lengthen your spine.

increase your height

The poses are completely safe and offer other health benefits apart from the height gain. Benefits associated with Yoga include improved immunity, stress reliever, improving your brain development, and so on.

The benefits of stretching and improving one’s posture can often lead to an increase in height just because we are standing taller and our spines are strengthened.

Halasana Yoga Pose

yoga to increase height

  • Halasana – stretches the shoulder and the spine which is good for your neck and the flexibility of that region. It puts a lot of pressure and controls the thyroid gland which is responsible for your growth. So height and growth are very close to each other.
  • The second area that Halasana is working is the alignment of your vertebrae. Most of us don’t have a perfectly aligned back, in fact, we stood and we have the wrong posture or movements, so it is important to get all your vertebrae into a nice straight line which this posture achieved.
  • Start by lying down, bend your knees and place your hands on your lower back while keep pushing it until both feet touch down the floor. (Don’t try this at home if you have neck or back problems.)
    Then slowly come back and sit up.

Sarvangasana Pose or Shoulder Stand
Sarvangasana is a yoga posture that invigorates and rejuvenates the whole body. There’ll be a lot of pressure on the spine as you can see the chin is touching the chest which is again working on your thyroid gland.

yoga to increase height

  • Start laying down and bend your knees and swing them towards your chest, place both hands on your hips to support your lower back and slowly straighten them up.
  • Bring your spine close to your chin (like your chin is touching your chest). Keep it pushing forward and slowly come back.

Matsyasana Pose
Matsyasana pose relieves the stiffness of your neck and spine as you arch your back. Like the other 2 postures, this posture also works for your spine and the thyroid gland.

yoga to increase height

  • Sit down and cross your feet, face your back, lie down and take your head in. Stay for a minute and come up to the posture as gently as possible otherwise, you’ll feel a bit of pain in your neck.
  • So when you practice these yoga poses regularly, and once your back is aligned properly, there will be an increase in height.

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