Lower Blood Pressure and Relieve Headaches with This Simple Remedy

If you’ve ever dealt with a migraine, you know that they are extremely painful. They last longer and come with more pain than regular headaches do.

When you have those first symptoms of a migraine, you definitely want to do something to prevent the terrible pain of a migraine.


Many individuals try using over the counter medications, such as Excedrin Migraine, to treat their migraines. However, this medication was part of a recent recall.

While it does help to relieve migraine pain, this remedy has many potential side effects to consider.

Although you definitely want fast relief from your migraine, you may want to consider some natural options. Natural remedies come with fewer health risks than medications do.

If you’re dealing with a migraine, give this natural remedy a try. It will reduce pain in 20 minutes or less. It’s also a great remedy for high blood pressure as well..

You’ll Need:

  • some gauze or fine cotton fabric (This material will be used as a compress, so if you’re using gauze, layer it so you can make a compress that is the size of your forehead. Make several compresses so you have enough to place compresses on your neck as well.)
  • salt
  • Take about 8.5 oz/250 ml of hot water (60-70°C) and dissolve two teaspoons of salt in the water. You’ll have a nice 8% salt solution.
  • Use warm water to wash your neck, ears, and the forehead. Soak your gauzes in the salt solution you have made.

    Wring out excess water and then apply compresses to the neck, forehead, and around your ears. For the best results, make sure you lie down for a bit to let the compresses work.

  • While you may feel some fast relief, make sure you leave the compresses on for about 20 minutes. After you take off the compresses, make sure you rinse the area to remove the salt.

Why does this simple remedy work?

Sometimes high blood pressure and swelling is caused by high salt intake.

However, the salt compresses actually help to eliminate excess fluid from your body. You can also use this remedy to treat your swollen feet.

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