A Quick Fix for Oily Hair – Diy Dry Shampoo Spray

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For me time is always of the essence, but so are looks, which makes it difficult to decide between leaving in a hurry or washing my hair. Usually I take my time and plan things in advance, but since it happened more than once to be pitted against this difficult choice, I had to come up with an alternative. Dry shampoo sounded like an interesting concept but I never took the time to understand how exactly it works and which ingredients are required to brew such a mixture.

Fortunately, its effects are consistent and preparing a dry shampoo doesn’t take a lot of time and won’t set you back financially. The name dry might be a little misleading, because the spray will make your hair a bit wet, but it is not even in the same zip code as if you were to take a bath. On those rare occasions when you need a quick fix, this remedy can help you overcome the pressing matter, although it is not intended as a replacement to traditional hair wash.

The idea is to degrease your hair quickly, and that’s why among the ingredients you will find alcohol and cornstarch, which have this property. You probably have these ingredients already in your house, but in the unlikely case that you need to purchase them, you would find plenty in any local grocery. The dry shampoo is simply sprayed on the hair and scalp, and all you need to do is to use a comb or run through your fingers to distribute evenly. Let it dry or blow dry your hair and style as usual.

I suggest that you only use this dry shampoo spray at least once every week. Obviously, for some days that you must have taken a shower but did not.

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