A Homemade Acne Mask That Zaps Acne Without Drying Your Skin

Seriously, getting older has never been a horrible problem to me. I’m not really crazy about the thought of looking older, but I do my best to minimize the effect of the years.

What bothers me is getting older and still having acne or pimples. Now that’s just wrong on so many levels. I’ve been plagued by pimples, which always come when you least need something else to worry about.


And I have found several steps to add to my regimen that not only clears up zits and blackheads; it also helps keep my skin soft and hydrated.

Some of the changes I’ve made in my skin regimen don’t have anything to do with applying a cream or lotion to the skin directly but instead begin with other types of things, such as diet, overall health, and bad habits.

Too much sun, a reaction to foods, changes in my hormone levels caused by skipping birth control pills and trying new beauty products that disrupt the overall pH of my skin can create a breakout.

One of my biggest problems comes from stress, which creates an ironic cycle. I get stressed out, then break out, which causes more stress and more zits.

YIKES!!! Will it never end??? Worst of all, when winter winds start to blow, my skin changes from the oil combination skin to dry skin, which requires even different treatment.

Along with my zit zapping journey, I’ve found some excellent treatments that I make at home. Unlike some I’ve purchased in a store, these don’t irritate my skin and contain only natural products.

They also don’t hurt my pocketbook and the ingredients come right off the grocery shelf. One of these products is a dynamite acne mask. I love it and find it not only helps prevent breakouts while healing any existing problem, it also leaves my skin soft and supple.

You’ll Need:

  • 1 Tsp of Calamine Lotion (OR caladryl lotion)
  • 2 Tsp of raw Honey
  • 1 Tsp of Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 Tbsp of Matcha Green Tea Powder (or left over green tea)
  • Bowl, measuring spoons, brush, and spoon



The acne mask uses calamine lotion, a favorite of mine for pimples, raw honey, Braggs apple cider vinegar—it’s a raw, unfiltered vinegar—you can use any type you want, but I’ve found this one is available almost anywhere, and Matcha green tea powder.

  • I use one tablespoon of everything but honey, and use two tablespoons of it to create a mask that I apply after I wash my face with a mild cleanser, and then pat it dry.
  • After I put the mask on my face, I heat some water and make a cup of the Matcha green tea with a bit of honey and sit back and wait, sipping this elixir as I do.
  • It’s not necessary to drink green tea while you wait, I simply enjoy it.

After allowing the mask to work for 15 to 20 minutes, I wash it off with my cleanser, using circular motions. This not only cleanses the honey from the skin, it helps exfoliate.

The Matcha green tea does that task, while also providing nutrients to the skin. The last step is to rinse and pat dry. By using the mask three times a week, combined with other changes I made, my skin looks fantastic and is never overly dry.

Results with my Acne Routine:


  • I’ve found ways conquer some of my problems. I exercise regularly, for example, to burn off the hormones created by stress that start the sebum flowing.
  • I drink plenty of fluids to help keep me hydrated and help flush out toxins.
  • I also became very aware of just how many times I touch my face throughout the day and avoid doing it.
  • I cut dairy and hot, spicy foods from my diet and found theses changes made a notable improvement.

Isolating foods that caused breakouts took me about two months of logging not only all the foods I eat but also keeping a log of what happens to my skin when I don’t eat them and then reintroduce them to my diet.

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Calleigh is passionate about inspiring others to a healthy living and encourages to re-discover their lifestyle. Her keen interest in health shines through in her written work on DIY skin care, beauty tips, healthy and active lifestyles.

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