7 Tips to Make your Lady Parts Smell Awesome! How to Smell and Taste Good Down There?

Did you ever notice how the things we think about most are the things we talk about least? The reason is that not many our thoughts are not lunch-appropriate.


We think a lot about s&x and those awkward things about it. One of those things is our smell (and taste) down there. The smell of fish would be very embarrassing – but how do you keep your vajayjay smelling like a field of lavender? This is how.

Visit Your Gynecologist Regularly
It is not something you love hearing – all of us wish an article could replace doctors, but sadly it’s not the case. If you feel an ugly smell down there, you might have an infection or a VD.

No one wants that – but you have to make sure you don’t have it. Most of these are easily treatable, so you don’t have to get very stressed. Even if your smell is OK, a visit to the gynecologist is in order – at least every six months.

Take Care of Your Hygiene
By hygiene, we don’t mean “take regular showers” – you already know that. But intimate hygiene is a bit different. Your v*g*na is the most sensitive part of your body and you shouldn’t wash it with regular soap. Buy a special intimate wash with neutral Ph value – 5.5.

Wash with intimate wash at least once a day. When you have your period, make sure you change your pads or tampons regularly.

Wear Cotton-Made Undies
If you’re on a sensitive side, simply avoid wearing undies that are NOT made of cotton. This material can irritates skin the least . But you can grab some lacy, sexy underwear on special occasions only.

Herbal Tea Rinse
Here’s one of the classic “grandma’s advice” that is effecient and has worked for generations. Create vag*nal rinse using a mint tea. Yes, this is cheap and very simple to do, and you can do this routine every week to make sure any “funky” smell is out of the picture.

You Taste Like the Food You Eat
What you eat will affect how you taste when he goes down on you. A great idea is pineapple juice – but any other fruits are good for your smell and taste down there.

Drink lots of water and stay away from alcohol – asparagus, fish, crabs and spicy food will make you smell funny. Medications can also cause a bad “scent.” You can also drink a mixture of almond milk or milk and honey – these drinks can make you taste sweet.

Trim It Down Regularly
The hair down there can cause the v*g*na to have a ‘funky’ smell. This is because the hair traps sweat and drops of body secretions. In order to have excellent feminine hygiene, women are recommended to shave or trim their pub*c hair. For those who want to feel extremely clean, a full Brazilian or IPL is recommended.

Wipe It Clean
After each trip to the bathroom, a woman needs to wipe the outer surface of her v*g*na clean. This eliminates the acrid scent of urine, sweat, and natural discharge. Instead of using rough tissue paper, opt for baby wipes instead.

Let the Games Begin
Now that you did everything possible to taste good, you can spice it up. If you are playing, play good. Use whipped cream or chocolate in the bedroom – be his favorite cake and let him go down on you. Don’t be ashamed – after all of the above, there is no way you do not taste like candy.

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