7 Top Ways to Improve the Health of Your Digestive System

Many people are unaware that there’s a significant link between certain diseases, such as lupus, diabetes, arthritis, and cancer, and digestive system problems.

The adage, “You are what you eat,” is very true. Many allergy issues have a lot to do with when and what we eat. Eating unhealthy foods, eating the wrong foods, and overeating can all combine to result in problems with digestive health.


Digestion and Your Lifestyle

If you’re like me, you probably live a fast-paced, busy lifestyle. When we get up in the morning, most of us don’t have time for anything but getting dressed for the day once that alarm clock rings each morning.

Unfortunately, this can result in health problems. While many of us realize this, we just keep living this way because we aren’t showing signs of a physical illness.

  • Even though you may look and feel okay, it doesn’t mean that you’re okay on the inside. Things may not be functioning the way they should inside your body, and you might be surprised at all the turmoil that’s taking place on the inside.
  • If you continue living a busy life for years without paying attention to proper health and nutrition, you could end up dealing with many problems as you grow older. You could even end up dealing with serious medical issues, such as cancer.
  • Most people over the age of two have a stomach that’s continually in a “shocked” state due to all the growing methods, processes, and chemicals used in the foods we eat.

    When this happens, your digestive system no longer works the way it should because you’re constantly eating foods that it cannot digest properly.

    As you begin eating minimally processed, healthy, organic food, you’ll find that both you and the planet will be a whole lot healthier.

7 Tips To Kick-Start Your Digestive System Into Working Properly Again!

Start the Day Right
Get your day started by making sure that your digestive system is activated so it produces enough digestive juices.

Allowing your digestive system to produce more digestive juices allows the body to eliminate toxins from the body before you eat anything.

What to Do:
The best way to jump start your digestive system is to drink warm water with lemon when you first wake up.

Squeeze half of a lemon into a glass of warm water, and if desired, you can add ginger or cayenne to the water to give you an extra boost.

Why is this Effective?
Ginger, cayenne pepper, and lemon are all helped the body produce more digestive juices, and since the drink doesn’t require a lot of digestion, you’ll also have some extra digestive energy left.

Make sure that you don’t eat anything for 30-60 minutes after drinking your lemon water. This way your digestive system has time to wake up before you eat.

Keep your Breakfast Light and Nutritious
Many people say that breakfast is your most important meal, and while that might be true, it’s more about what you eat for breakfast. Unless you do a lot of physical labor or you’re an Olympic athlete, you don’t need a huge breakfast.

If you consume a huge breakfast and then sit all day long, your body isn’t going to burn up those calories. This will leave you feeling sluggish, and it will stress your liver since the liver has to filter the food after it’s out of the stomach.

What to Do:
Instead of a huge breakfast, you should stick to a light morning meal that includes fresh veggies or fruit.

You can juice some veggies with an apple for a tasty green smoothie, or you can make your banana, berry smoothie. Not only will this light breakfast make you feel energized, but it will help you lose weight as well. You’ll also notice that you feel mentally alert throughout the day.

Avoid Cold Drinks with Meals
Do you regularly wash down a burger with a cold drink of soda? You’re not the only one. Most of us have done the same thing.

However, you should avoid drinking with your meals, and it’s especially important to avoid drinking cold drinks with food. The cold drinks solidify the fat in foods you eat, which keeps those fats from being digested, so they stay in your body.

What to Do:
Unless you detoxify your body regularly, this fat and food building won’t go away. If you keep drinking cold drinks with your meals, then you’ll continue to cause food to collect throughout your intestines, increasing your risk for digestive disorders.

Following this for years could result in cancer, which is very scary. If you want to have a drink with your meals, choose warm drinks, such as a delicious herbal tea.

You can also slowly sip on room temperature water. Green tea makes a great drink option since it’s packed with antioxidants and helps cleanse the body.

When you drink green tea with a meal, it helps the body burn more calories, since it speeds up your metabolism. This also helps your liver function efficiently.

Drinking that green tea may also contribute to preventing food poisoning since it helps to keep bacterial strains from growing within the digestive system while promoting the growth of healthy gut bacteria.

Take a Probiotic Everyday
Your digestive system is packed with bacteria, but it’s good bacteria. The good bacteria are called probiotics, and this bacteria is essential to a healthy digestive system.

If you don’t have enough good bacteria in your gut, you could be more likely to end up with infections, and you could be more likely to develop irritable bowel syndrome. This problem often includes symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and gas.

What to Do:
By taking a daily Probiotic supplement or adding yogurt, which is full of good bacteria, to your diet every day, you will maintain the health of your digestive tract and everything will remain calm, goodbye gas!

Enjoy a Late Night Stroll After Dinner
After you eat a meal, you don’t want to do a heavy workout. However, taking a light walk after you eat dinner is a great idea.

What to Do:
Walking after you eat dinner helps you to burn calories, and it will also help with digestive by making food move through the stomach faster.

Research has found that walking for 15-20 minutes after eating can also lower blood sugar levels. The light exercise helps to clear sugar from your bloodstream since the muscles need it for energy.

This is another great reason to lace up your walking shoes and enjoy a nice walk in the evening.

Never Combine Proteins and Carbs
Most people combine carbs and proteins, since we don’t really know any better. When you head to a restaurant, your steak or fish is going to come with fries, potatoes, or some other form of carbs.

What to Do:
Instead of eating carbs with protein, you should be consuming veggies or healthy grains.

Combining carbs and proteins will slow your digestive system, and this can result in toxicity in individuals who have a weak digestive system. Eating carbs will inhibit proteins from being digested.

Refined carbs are the big problem since more refined carbs make it harder for your body to digest proteins. Heavier proteins are more inhibited by carbs as well.

It’s best to avoid eating proteins and carbs together. Try eating them with 3-4 hours between them to prevent digestive problems.

Always eat organic, and consider eating Paleo
You should definitely be eating organic foods, since they don’t have the chemicals in them that non-organic foods do. It’s also a good idea to consider eating the Paleolithic diet (Paleo), which is a method of eating that does not allow the consumption of dairy, legumes, or grains.

Instead, the Paleo diet focuses on organic veggies, fruits, grass-fed meats, healthy oils, and nuts. Eating this way can help prevent many different digestive problems.

Bonus Tip! Be nice to your liver

The liver is an organ that filters and neutralizes the toxins that we ingest. Some of the toxins that many people ingest regularly include sugar, alcohol, caffeine, refined foods, processed foods, and tobacco. Any unnatural food is considered a toxin by the body as well.

When you eat unhealthy foods, it takes a toll on the liver over time, and it can negatively affect other organs in the body too.

If you put too much strain on your liver, it can become so overloaded that it can’t deal with all the extra toxins. When this happens, those toxins may end up in the bloodstream, causing multiple health problems.

Are you constantly feeling tired, unmotivated, or sluggish?

A sluggish liver could be your problem. Start improving the health of your liver and you’ll probably notice a huge difference. You’ll enjoy increased motivation and higher energy levels.

I hope you begin using these tips so you can enjoy a healthier digestive system. When you keep your digestive system healthy, you’ll be surprised at how healthy and happy you feel.

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