3 Moves Jessica Alba Uses to Shed Baby Weight

Jessica Alba is proof that having children shouldn’t stop you from having a beautiful body. She’s the proud mother of two young girls, Honor and Haven Warren.

Having her babies just three years apart hasn’t stopped her from having a dynamite body that is the envy of many in even Hollywood. That’s because she works hard at it. She uses a regimen of exercises designated by her personal trainer, Ramona Braganza.

The primary focus after childbirth is often getting the abdominal muscles and buttocks back into shape and shaving off a few of the baby pounds. While exercise helps you take off weight faster by building muscle tissue, which burns more calories than fat tissue does, it’s not the entire answer.

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You also need a healthy diet to shed extra weight. Healthy eating also adds to the energy you’ll get when you start to exercise, something everyone can use whether they’re chasing young children, caring for a baby or trying to juggle the demands of a job and life’s responsibilities.

You don’t have to be fighting after baby bulge to appreciate the effectiveness of these exercises. They work for everyone and can be your start on the road to the flattest tummy and firmest booty every.

You’ll start noticing improved muscle strength after a few weeks or religiously doing the three exercises prescribed by Alba’s trainer and get even better results when added to a program of regular exercise for a minimum of forty-five minutes a day, three to four times a week and a healthy diet.

The three exercises are done lying on your back, so get an exercise mat or find a clean, comfortable spot to do them. You can work the abdominal muscles more frequently than other muscles, but most trainers recommend two days of exercising them followed by one day off. It allows the muscles to recover.

These 3 exercises also work the rest of the lower body, so they provide added benefit.

Tabletop Heel Taps
The first is the heel tap that improves not only the abdominal muscles but also helps trim and slim your thighs. Do as many as you can without altering your form. Doing an exercise improperly can minimize the benefits and sometimes even cause injury.

3 Moves

Always check with your health care professional first before starting an exercise program, particularly if you’ve just recently given birth. The workout will be tough at first if you have limited abdominal strength, but each week, you’ll start to notice a change for the better, until you’ll find them incredibly easy. As you build that strength, continue to add repetitions.

The Bridge
The second exercise, the bridge, is hard! But it’s also extremely useful. If you have problems with lack of tone on your thighs and buttocks, this one will give you a great looking booty. It also can help relieve back and knee pain, while strengthening your inner core and improving your posture. You’ll have a flatter stomach as well as a head turning backside when you do these on a regular basis.

3 Moves bridge

The Clam

3 Moves clam

The last exercise is the not only helps build the inner thigh muscles, so they don’t jiggle when you walk, it also helps tone the abs and not only improves your posture but also relieves back pain and helps heal hip injuries. If you’ve avoided sit ups and leg lifts because of back pain, this could be one that you might want to add to your exercise routine.

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