3 Acupuncture Points Linked to Relieve Insomnia and Other Sleep Issues

At one time, I had a terrible case of insomnia. I was so busy; it didn’t matter. In fact, I hypothesized that if I slept two hours less every day, after nine days, I’d have 18 extra hours to use, what would be the equivalent of one full waking day.

The longer I went without sleep, the less I seemed to need. I don’t recommend this method of productivity since I found that it does not only cause high blood pressure, heart disease and other physical problems, it can also lead to hallucinations when you’re brain is asleep, but you’re still functioning.

Since then, I’ve taken my sleep seriously and make sure I have an adequate amount every day. This little trick to help get more sleep came from Chinese acupuncture, in acupressure form.

Acupressure Points That Help you Get a Good Night Sleep?

LV 3 or Gate Rushing

According to Modern Reflexology, the LV3 acupuncture point (also known as the Great Rushing), is the best point on the body for all problems, especially sleeping problems.

This acupressure method uses pressure points in the foot, known in Reflexology as the LV3 points. It’s on foot and is used to help with many problems beyond just insomnia.

The Great Rushing, the other name for the LV3 point, is two fingers above the webbing that is between the second toe and the big toe, between the tendons.

It’s on the top of the foot and responds to firm pressure that’s held for four to five seconds. Repeat the process for five minutes.

2 Other Acupressure Points can Help with Sleep and Treat Insomnia
One is called the Inner Gate or Nei Guan, also known as P6 and the other is Bubbling Springs or K1.

Bubbling Springs or K1

The Bubbling Springs point is also on foot, but on the underside of the foot, right at the top of the arch and directly below the middle of the ball of the foot.

Press at this location for 30 seconds, release it for five to six seconds and then apply pressure again for another 30 seconds. Do this process for five minutes to get relief.

Inner Gate Point or Nei Guan (P6)

The Inner Gate point is on the wrist. It was three fingers from the base of the hand and located between the tendons.

To help you relax and overcome insomnia, press on this spot for five minutes and release. It also helps relieve nausea and motion sickness. Repeat the process for five minutes.

What Else can you Do to Ensure a Better Sleep?

Other non-pharmaceutical aids include scheduling a regular bedtime and wake time to get your body into a routine to help with breaking an insomnia cycle.

Avoid drinking caffeine and alcohol before bed and don’t exercise.

Eating large meals and smoking cigarettes should also be avoided. If you’re working a tough job with long hours, make sure you have enough time to wind down before you go to bed.

That may be tough for many mothers who are on 24-hour alert! Keep all electronics, whether it’s the computer or television, out of the bedroom.

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