15 ExtraOrdinary Uses for Aspirin You did not Know About

You probably have a bottle of aspirin somewhere in your home. It’s a great medication for relieving fevers, inflammation, and headaches.

Even if you worry about the potential side effects that come with aspirin, don’t toss that bottle of aspirin out. Aspirin has some incredible powers that go far beyond treating headaches.

Aspirin is far more than just an antipyretic and an analgesic. It has many great alternative uses as well. You can use aspirin in your garden or to eliminate those pesky pimples. Here’s a look at 15 exciting new ways you can use aspirin.

Treat Insect Bites

Insect bites often leave you with burning, itching, and redness. Eliminate those painful, frustrating welts with some aspirin. Make a solution of aspirin and water and apply to the bee sting or mosquito bite. It helps relieve the stinging and will contribute to fade away the mark from the bite.

Acne Spot Treatment
Quickly make your acne spot treatment by crushing up a couple of aspirin tablets, mixing the power with a bit of water. Apply the aspirin solution right to pimples. Let the mixture set on your skin for a couple of minutes and then use some face wash and water to wash the solution away. You’ll notice that pimples feel dry and this treatment will help those pimples disappear even faster.

Soil Conditioner

If fungus is present in the soil, it reduces the nourishment that the ground can offer your plants. However, aspirin can help you eliminate this problem. You can make an aspirin solution and use it to treat the soil, removing the fungus from the soil.

However, it’s important only to use a little bit of aspirin, since too much aspirin could kill your plants. You’ll only want to use one table of aspirin for every quart of water that you use.

Hand Sanitizer and Stain Remover

If you need a good hand sanitizer that removes stains from your hands, a combination of aspirin and lemon will work. The lemon juice offers acidity and aspirin offer stain removing properties.

Make this hand sanitizer by combining a few crushed aspirin tablets with some fresh lemon juice. Use it on hands to remove grass, coffee, or even cigarette stains from your hands.

Concealer for Hickeys

Having a bright hickey can be a bit embarrassing, but you can hide your hickey with a bit of aspirin. Make an aspirin solution and rub it over the hickey. Then, use an eye drop to rinse the hickey. It should help the hickey, but if it doesn’t completely hide it, cover with some concealer.

Dandruff Treatment

Not only does dandruff feel uncomfortable, but it also looks bad if those flakes end up on your clothing. Eliminate the problem with dandruff by crushing a couple of tablets of aspiring and mix them together with a bit of shampoo.

Apply the shampoo and aspirin mixture to your hair, allowing it to sit on your scalp for a couple of minutes. Rinse this mixture away and shampoo hair again. This should eliminate or at least reduce the dandruff problem.

Easy DIY Exfoliant

Aspirin contains salicylic acid, which is an ingredient that is used in many facial cleansers and exfoliating products. Skip the expensive skincare products and make your DIY exfoliant. Make your aspirin and water mixture and use it to exfoliate your skin. It will reveal younger, more beautiful skin.

Cool Artwork
You may be surprised to find that you can make some cool artwork with aspirin. Dissolve two or three aspirin tablets in some water. A week later, add another tablet to the water. Every few days, keep adding more aspirin.

You’ll begin to notice that crystals start forming in the water. They’ll begin to grow over time, and you’ll end up with some cool artwork.

Extend the Life of Cut Flowers

If you love buying cut flowers, you can use aspirin to extend the life of those flowers. It’s nice to enjoy beautiful, fresh flowers in your home, but they often die quickly. Simply crush up a tablet of aspirin and add the powder to the water in the flower vase. It will keep your flowers looking fresh much longer, so you have the chance to enjoy them.

Remove Calluses

If you have unsightly calluses on your feet, aspirin can come to the rescue. Take six aspirin tablets and crush them. Mix the powder from the crushed tablets with half a teaspoon of lemon juice and water. After you mix well, you can apply this mixture to the calluses on your feet.

After application, use a warm cloth to cover the callus. Allow the cloth and mixture to stay on calluses for about 15 minutes. Remove the cloth from your feet and then use a pumice stone to scrub away the softened callus. Your feet will be smooth and beautiful when you are done.

Eliminates Stains from Hair

Are you frustrated with chlorinated areas or strains on hair? You can eliminate this problem with some aspirin. You’ll need eight aspirin tablets. Dilute them in a glass of warm water to make your aspirin solution. Use the solution on areas of your hair that are discolored.

Leave on hair for 15 minutes. It should restore the color, but you can repeat this process again if it doesn’t completely remove the discoloration the first time.

Removes Stains from Fabrics

Aspirin also does an excellent job at removing stains from fabrics. Make your water and aspiring solution by dissolving a couple of aspirin tablets in some water. Apply the aspirin solution right to the stain. If the stains are tough to remove, you can add a bit of cream of tartar to your aspirin solution. This great stain remover will help remove most difficult stains.

Removes Warts

You can even use aspirin to remove warts. Take some crushed aspirin and apply it directly to the wart. Then, use duct tape to cover the wart. The combination of the aspirin and the duct tape will help to eliminate the wart.

Anti-Fungal Foot Treatment

It’s also possible to treat fungal infections, such as Athlete’s foot, with aspirin. Make a mixture of powdered aspirin and some talcum powder. Apply to the area affected by the fungus. Do this twice daily to eliminate the problem.

Aspirin is pretty useful, with tons of alternative uses, but before using the product, you should consult your doctor. If you’re asthmatic or allergic to aspirin, chances are, the pills’ effects will be more harmful than beneficial. Once you have secured the doctor’s approval, that’s when you can enjoy all the effective and budget-friendly uses of aspirin.

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