15 Cancer Symptoms Women Ignore

15 Cancer Signs or Cancer Symptoms Women Ignore

Uncovers common cancer warning signs women often overlook.

Cancer symptoms- causes cancer

Younger women in some reasons are likely to dismiss the symptoms that could lead to cancer. They have this impression that cancer belong to older people though they are partially right but great deal of younger people get cancer too.

However, some women intentionally ignore the cancer symptoms as they tend to switch into denial mode. Perhaps it is a cultural mindset that cancer can be treated so why go for treatment.

Between hypochondria and denial in their subconscious, some experts talk about the symptoms that too often don’t give an anxious feeling to women about cancer. So let’s learn and understand the 15 list of possible cancer symptoms that women frequently ignore.

No. 1: Unexplained Weight Loss

Unexplained weight loss – such as 10 lbs in a month without changing eating habits and exercise activities – should be examined. For some reasons, this kind of rapid weight loss can make every woman happy but don’t overlook this kind of symptoms though unexplained weight loss is cancer related unless possibilities are being ruled out or it could be the result of another condition similar to overactive thyroid.

No. 2: Bloating

Some women often misconstrued that Bloating is the cause of PMS and just live with it yet little did they know that it could point to ovarian cancer. If you experience pelvic pain, abdominal pain, feeling full so quick though you have not eaten much and urinary problems are known symptoms or indications of ovarian cancer.
In case bloating takes place everyday and continue for more than a few weeks, you should see your doctor right away to take blood tests and order a CT scan.

No. 3: Breast Changes

Even though women don’t do regular self-exams yet they are aware they need to be vigilant for possible lumps though this is not the only breast symptoms that can point to cancer. There are other indications such as thickening of the skin on the breast; redness can point to inflammatory breast cancer that needs to be evaluated especially if you have persistent rashes for over a week.

Similarly, if you discover discharge or the look of the nipple changes, you need to make an appointment with your doctor asap. In this case with breast changes, your doctor will order an ultrasound, mammogram, MRI and possibly a Biopy.

No. 4: Between-Period Bleeding or Other Unusual Bleeding

Usually for most pre-menopausal women they often ignore between period bleeding and have a tendency to brush off bleeding from GI tract which they erroneously thought it is from their monthly period. Bleeding after menopause is one symptom of endometrial cancer while GI bleeding could be an indication that points to colorectal cancer.

No. 5: Skin Changes

We need to take precaution if there are any changes in moles or skin pigmentation as these are familiar signs of skin cancer. If you experience excessive scaling or develop bleeding on your skin, make a point that your doctor should know about it too.

No. 6: Difficulty Swallowing

If you have difficulties swallowing your food, this could be a signal of a GI cancer such as in esophagus. This kind of symptoms need an immediate attention from your physician so he can order for a chest Xray or examines the GI tract.

No. 7: Blood in the Wrong Place

If you observed presence of blood in your stool or urine, don’t presume that it’s from hemorrhoid, this kind of symptoms normally points to colon cancer. Your physician will order a thorough exam for the colon which is called colonoscopy to determine the possibility of kidney or bladder cancer.

No. 8: Gnawing Abdominal Pain and Depression

You need a check up too if you feel depressed and you experience a pain in your stomach because some experts discovered a link between pancreatic cancer and depression though this fact need to be proven through thorough research.

No. 9: Indigestion

Stomach upset for no obvious reason may be a red flag because this can be a premature indication of cancer to esophagus, throat or stomach.


No. 10: Mouth Changes

If you notice some white patches inside the mouth or tongue that usually happen if you are a smoker, this could be an indication to a precancerous condition called Leukoplakia that can lead to oral cancer. You can ask your dentist to check your mouth and would make a decision on what to do next.

As we grow older, it is normal to experience and complain more of various pains and aches, this can be an early sign of some cancer but mainly pain complaints are not from cancer. Unexplainable pain that continue to exist needs a check up.

No. 12: Changes in the Lymph Nodes

Lump or swelling in the lymph nodes on your underarms or neck could be disturbing. If it continues for a month and double its size, see your doctor asap.

No. 13: Fever

If you are having fever that is not defined by infection or influenza, it could point to cancer. Too often fevers take place after cancer has distributed from its original site that ca possibly point to early signs of blood cancers like lymphoma or leukemia according to American Cancer Society.
Some cancer indications include change in the color of your stool or jaundice.

No. 14: Fatigue

Tiredness or Fatigue is another undefined indication that could point to cancer as well as a signal of other problems. It could appear after cancer has developed but it can happen initially in certain cancers like colon or stomach cancers, leukemia according to American Cancer Society.

No. 15: Persistent Cough

Usually coughs are anticipated with flue, allergies, colds and occasionally adverse effect of medicines. Yet an extended coughing that lasted 3 or 4 weeks shouldn’t be disregarded.

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