14 Amazing DIY Natural Body Scrubs – Homemade Body Scrubs

Let’s face it, most of us adore feminine stuff particularly clothes, lovely shoes, makeup, pieces of jewelry and of course, a day in a SPA. Theoretically, I love SPA treatments. While I enjoy smelling those appetizing bath scrubs and lotions.

The thing is, getting a regular SPA appointment could drain our monthly budget so why not create our own SPA treatments at home using most of the ingredients available in our pantry? It’s all natural and you can make scrubs in large batches enough for a monthly hoard.

A scrub is essential for every woman – Besides, creating these body or facial scrubs is a breeze, you can add your favorite scents that suit you is a plus. Consider a few ideas of do-it-yourself scrub listed below and try pampering yourself on a shoestring.

Have I convinced you yet? Here’s the list:


Coconut Sugar Scrub via thepinterestproject

lemon-sugar-body-scrubs-1Lemon Sugar Body Scrub (via thesweetestoccasion)

Homemade-sugar-scrub-1Homemade Sugar Scrub (via happyhourprojects)

Rosemary-Spearmint-body-scrub-1Rosemary Spearmint Natural Body Scrub (via juliebanner)

Pumpkin-Spice-Latte-Body-Scrub-1Pumpkin Spice Latte Body Scrub (via craftinomicon)

organic-citrus-sugar-scrub-1Organic Citrus Sugar Scrub (via sugarandcloth)

lavender-mint-sugar-scrub-1Lavender Mint Sugar Scrub (via julieblanner)

Citrus-sugar-scrub-1Citrus Sugar Scrub (via Juliebanner)

diy-coffee-scrub-1DIY Coffee Scrub (via cupofmo)

moisturizing-body-scrub-1Moisturizing Body Scrub (via adelightfulhome)

Vanilla-Sugar-body-scrub-1Vanilla Sugar Body Scrub (via dellie)

Hawaiian-Coffee-Scrub-1Hawaiian Coffee Scrub (via Simplemedicine)

grapefruit-sugar-scrub-1Grapefruit Sugar Scrub (via rumkihn)

Soothing-Winter-Scrub-1Soothing Winter Scrub (via radmegan)

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