Add Baby Powder to Your Beauty Routine – 11 Exciting Baby Powder Beauty Hacks

Sometimes you find a common item that can be turned into a beauty routine staple. A couple examples of multi-purpose products include coconut oil and a toothbrush.

While they are many great multi-purpose products to choose from, one of the most exciting options is baby powder.


You may be surprised to find that baby powder is a fantastic addition to your beauty routine. It’s a great setting agent, it eliminates irritation, and it naturally adds volume.

Simply add some baby powder to your bag and you have a product that will offer you a quick fix for many problems. Here’s a look at some exciting baby powder beauty hacks that you’ll definitely want to try.

Beauty Hack #1 – Thickens Eyelashes

Do you want full, thick eyelashes? If so, baby powder is the perfect option. Simply dust a bit of the powder on the roots of the eyelashes. It primes lashes, providing you gorgeous, fuller lashes. Top with a coat of mascara, and you can skip the falsies.

Beauty Hack #2 – Primer and Setting Powder

Are you spending big bucks on name brand setting powder and makeup primers? All you really need is some cheap baby powder. Baby powder makes a great makeup powder, offering you an excellent base that lipstick or eyeshadow will stick to for hours, without a problem.

If you really like to set your foundation when you’re done applying your makeup, you can use baby powder as a setting powder. To use as a setting powder, apply just a bit of the baby powder with a large powder brush.

Don’t use too much, since you want to keep it translucent. It will prevent skin from looking shiny and absorbs extra oil.

Beauty Hack #3 – Protect Skin When Waxing

If you wax at home, you’ll definitely want to have some baby powder on hand. Before waxing, sprinkle a bit of the powder on skin in the area you plan to wax. The powder helps to cool and soothe skin, and it also makes it easier for the wax to latch onto your hairs.

Beauty Hack #4 – Baby Powder Dry Shampoo

Next time you realize you’re out of dry shampoo, simply grab the baby powder. Sprinkle just a bit of the powder on your roots to absorb the oils from your scalp.

Make sure you don’t overdo it with the powder since it can make hair look a bit gray if you use too much. To avoid making hair look dusty, add some cinnamon to the baby powder if you have red hair.

Brunettes can add a bit of cocoa powder to the baby powder to prevent the dusty look.

Beauty Hack #5 – Neutralize Odors

Sometimes socks just don’t look good with shoes, but this can result in feet and shoes that are sweat and smelly. Next time you wear your shoes barefoot sprinkle a bit of baby powder into the shoes.

It will soak up the sweat from your feet, ensuring that your shoes and feet stay smelling fresh. After you wear the shoes, add a bit more powder to the shoes, so they are dry and fresh when you wear them again.

Beauty Hack #6 – Prevent Chafing

If you’re a runner, you know that chafing can be painful. Prevent chafing with a bit of baby powder. Apply to your thighs and other areas that rub together to prevent this problem. While you can purchase anti-chafing gels and products, baby powder is a lot cheaper and it works extremely well.

Beauty Hack #7 – Apply After Deodorant

When you apply deodorant, allow it to dry and then apply a layer of talc-free baby powder over the deodorant, adding another protective layer.

When you keep adding layers of deodorant during the day, your skin may be left feeling uncomfortable and sticky. The baby powder keeps skin from feeling sticky, and it also keeps your underarms feeling dry.

Beauty Hack #8 – Eliminate Sand at the Beach

Next time you head to the beach, take some baby powder. When you have sand stuck on your skin, apply some baby powder to the skin.

The baby powder will absorb the water, SPF, and sweat that keep the sand sticking to skin. After applying the baby powder, the sand will just brush off without a problem.

Beauty Hack #9 – Prevent Blisters

Blisters are painful, but you can prevent blisters by applying a bit of baby powder to the areas of the feet that rub against shoes. This is the perfect hack to use when you’re breaking in a new pair of sky-high heels.

Beauty Hack #10 – Stay Cool in Bed

Stay cool on hot summer nights with some baby powder. Simply sprinkle a bit of the powder on sheets before you head to bed. It will keep you feeling dry and cool all night long.

Beauty Hack #11 – Boost Brows

If you want to boost the thickness of your brows, use some baby powder. Brush a little baby powder into your brows and then polish off the lock by using a brow pencil.

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