10 Things No One Ever Tells You About: Makeup Primer

If you’re not wearing makeup primer, you’re doing yourself a disservice. It’s the key to flawless, beautiful makeup. It gives you a smooth finish, and it keeps makeup looking fresh longer.

However, the primer does a whole lot more. From your hands to your eyelids, here’s a look at some great ways to use primer, and you’ve probably never heard of them.

Here’s the compilation of 10 interesting ways to use primer. From your face to your eyelids and even to your hands, we’ve discovered the magical powers primer can have on our skin.

Deal with Large Pores
Large pores are a big beauty problem, but makeup primer may be the secret to reducing their appearance. Primer probably does more than applying foundation. Choose a “poreless” primer and apply it to make pores look significantly smaller.

Eliminate Shiny Skin
No one likes looking shiny midday, and sometimes it’s tough to eliminate that midday shine. Carry some primer with you. Just apply a bit of primer to areas that look shiny, and the primer will help to reduce oil and shine. It’s a very simple fix, and you’ll be surprised at the huge difference you see after application.

Hide Fine Lines
As foundation sits on your skin throughout the day, sometimes it begins sinking into wrinkles, natural skin lines and fine lines. Using primer before you use foundation can eliminate this problem.

Primer helps fill these lines, so you won’t need to worry about the foundation sinking into your lines, making them look more prominent.

Long Lasting Lipstick
Do you get tired of reapplying lipstick? Makeup primer can come to your rescue again. Before you apply lipstick, use a bit of primer on your lips. It helps fill out lips, and it provides a great base for your lipstick. Lipstick will last for hours if you apply after using a primer.

Cover Up Bruises
If you have a bruise, you can use tone correcting primer that has pink or yellow undertones to cover the bruise. After applying the primer, top the bruise with some makeup. Using the primer helps to neutralize the bruise’s colors, and it also ensures that the makeup you apply stays put for much longer.

Apply Before You Use Highlighter
Makeup primer works well under all different kinds of makeup. Before you use your highlighter, apply primer where you plan to use the highlighter. Apply the primer on the bridge of the nose and cheekbones, and then add just a tiny bit of highlighter. By applying the primer first, you ensure that the highlighter stays in place, so you’ll have that gorgeous glow all day long.

Use Under Eyeshadow
Do you hate it when eyeshadow creases or smudges? If so, begin using some makeup primer under your eyeshadow. Swipe just a bit of primer on your eyelids before you use your eyeshadow. It will last longer and is less likely to crease or smudge.

Cover a Sunburn
Although you slather on the SPF, sometimes a sunburn happens. To cover a sunburn, start with a green-based primer. Apply to the areas that are burned. The green base helps neutralize the redness, so you’ll cover that sunburn with no problem.

Use Primer on Your Body
Primer can be used to make more than your face look better. If you use bronzer on your legs or décolleté, apply primer first to make it stay.

Don’t Use Too Much
With makeup primer, just a little bit goes a long way. Avoid using too much or you’ll end up with a caked on look. Start with just a little. Remember, you can add more if you need it.

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