10 Easy Hair Hacks You’ve Never Seen Before

You’ll never have a need to spend another penny on expensive hair care items when you watch this video. It has some amazing hacks that I’ve never seen before so I am sure glad I got to see them.

The simplicity of most of these will leave you amazed and anxious to try them yourself. I know I immediately tried two of the tricks and they work fantastically well. There are also some money-saving hacks included using items you already have in the house.


These great ideas vary from making the clips and pins you already use work harder and hold your hair into place better, to creating new stylish decorative pins for your hair or using household items to create a dazzling hairstyle for those days when you’re caught away from home without all your product and tools.

These could be ideal for touching up hair styles after work before stopping out with friends or in times when you’re stuck away from home. You can still look fabulous and stylish with minimum effort and limited hair care items.


One of my favorites was the curling trick just using a plastic fork. I’ve been on a weekend where I thought I packed everything, only to find I left my curling iron at home.

The fork trick would have come in handy, and it doesn’t require damaging heat, so it leaves your hair undamageIY decorative hair pins.

I have a box where I throw old earrings that lost a partner or are missing a back and several broken necklaces. It’s so simple to repurpose those to a dazzling hair accessory I was surprised I hadn’t heard of it before this.

There’s a lot of great information I loved and knew you’d find useful once you watch this video. It has everything from ways to make your hair stay in place better to adding softness and shine to it.

If you don’t find at least one trick that is new, I’ll be surprised. Right now I’m going to try out one of the hacks, so I’m sure how to do it, just in case I get caught without all the tools I need to make it look beautiful, even after a long day.

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