Natural Solutions to Lighten your Dark Lips

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It’s pretty insane to realize that many people would love to get that lighten or pink lip color. I believe its simply because we are inundated with these flawlessly made up celebrities and famous people on regular basis and they all virtually appear to have stunning, rosy lips. And who doesn’t want to have a soft, pinkish lips anyway?

Causes of Dark Lips
Dark lips might be a result of excessive dead skin cells on top of your skin. You may use a soft-bristle toothbrush to gently scrub the dead skin cells, but make sure you perform it very lightly as applying a lot of pressure can damage the sensitive tissues. Wash off with tepid water and put a dab of non-medicated balms containing conditioners like cocoa butter, aloe Vera, vitamins A and E after exfoliation to protect your lips.

Another reason for dark lips is the excessive exposure to sun and dehydration. Our lips are exceptionally delicate not to mention that they doesn’t have oil-producing glands thus more likely to dehydrated quickly, hence they require constant TLC. Keep yourself hydrated by consuming 8 glasses of water intake daily to maintain a healthy balance.

Never step out of the house without applying a lip balm with SPF 15+ to shield your lips away from sun rays hence reducing the lips pigmentation. In every opportunity you’ll have, make sure to moisturize your lips using lip balm, petroleum jelly or Shea butter to avoid chapped, dried lips.


To be honest, among my siblings, I was the one who has pigmented lips therefore, lighter shades of lipstick don’t look good on my lips. I never tried smoking in my life as I despise inhaling even the second-hand smoke. So I keep my eyes peeled for some magic formula to lighten my lips and I found this remedy very easy yet effective.

But one thing for sure, you need a tad of patience as the effect is not on-the-spot but after few weeks of religiously following the regimen, it really lighten my lips to a shade or two though not a stunning pink color. In order to achieve that real rosy pink lips, I believe it needs more time and perseverance, but it’s good enough for me considering it did pay off the efforts and I’m definitely satisfied with the result.


You’ll Need:

2 tsp Brown sugar
1 tsp of raw Honey
1 tbsp of Lemon
Sweet Almond Oil – for later use


Simply mix the raw honey and brown sugar, stir and mix them to make a paste. You can add more honey if you are not satisfied with the consistency besides, you can store them in the fridge for future use. After you’ve got that nice consistency, go ahead and add a teaspoon of lemon and blend them altogether. Rub the mixture on your lips using gentle circular motion for about a minute and wipe it off with clean towel. After exfoliating, grab your sweet almond oil and apply it on your lips leaving it overnight. Make this as your nightly routine (or every other night) to achieve best results.

The above ingredients works effectively as the sugar serves as a great exfoliant, while honey is often use as emollient and humectant thus promotes exfoliation, moisturizes and helps lightening agents to penetrate deeper while the citric acid found in lemon is the most potent and effective skin bleach to lighten your lips. Almond oil is a penetrating moisturizer and known to have a powerful natural skin lightening ingredients therefore it works well in lightening your lips.

Please leave your comments and let me know how this homemade solution improved the color of your lips.

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Thanks to Farah on the tutorial.

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  1. arcelie cultura says

    tnx again for very informative information. i will try this. i’ve tried some of ur beauty tips and those were so effective. please keep on sharing. kindly share tips on how to lighten dark groin and underarms. tnx n God bless.

  2. Calleigh says

    You can use your regular lip balm instead of sweet almond oil. The sweet almond oil is use to moisturize your lips and it works great.

  3. Calleigh says

    Yes, you can use the available sugar you have but I prefer brown sugar because of its coarse granules for exfoliation.

  4. Mayuri says

    Hello,I have problem off whole body get tan due exposure of sun…can u give me some home remedies for removing dark tan n get original colour in month or two….

  5. Nheed says

    you are doing really good,i like soo much the tips u share and i use them and they are really effective.thanks for shairing.

  6. REKHAA says

    thanks for the tips, my problem is around the Eyes and around the Lips are very much sweating ,so what is the remedy?

  7. Joy says

    hi, can I use a processed honey? I don’t think we have raw honey available in our market.. :(
    I really like ur posts..:))

  8. Charity says

    Hi, today happens to be my first time visiting ur page and I am so impressed with ur tips.I just hope it works for me. Can you kindly suggest remedies to clear off stretch marks and sunburn on the face especially the stretch marks caused by cream? Thank you

  9. Calleigh says

    Just constantly applying 100% pure coconut oil to the affected area until you see results.

  10. Calleigh says

    You can check your local health stores for raw honey. However, since this is for the lips scrub, you can use regular honey is fine.

  11. malaika says

    Good morning
    I see your pic of your LIPS.
    Did that mixture really do that.
    I’ve been in here since last
    year looking for some thing.
    & your pic looks GREAT I WANT MINE

  12. Calleigh says

    If you follow the steps here, you’ll get that kind of lips soon. The secret is perseverance and consistency.

  13. arti says

    hey i hav a problm of tannig my body clr becom dark due to sun explosr can u plz suggest me any home made remedies for removing dark tanning n get orignal clr in a mnth or two

  14. sashi says

    i have 5 months old baby her lips are dark, i know it is gentically came from me . plz tell how to get pink lips

  15. Urooj Khan says

    Hi. I have been reading your articles about beauty problems and I have started to do some of them. I’m having a blind trust on you and u hope that your advice would work. I’m facing hair fall nowadays so much and I’m very worried about it. Please suggest me what to do.
    Gbu. Thanks

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