Inexpensive Way to Whiten your Teeth at Home

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A car salesman will always try to convince you that the most expensive vehicle is the best for you, and since you have no knowledge about the subject you would probably fall into his net. It might sound a bit far-fetched to say that a dentist would recommend an expensive teeth whitening procedure just for the sake of better payouts, but I wouldn’t take the chance.

Even specialists accept the fact that existing techniques are not completely harmless, although they emphasize the fact that low risks are taken. I don’t mind being called a pessimist, because these are the people that live longer, and when the alternative to professional teeth whitening is so inexpensive, I’m glad to jump on the bandwagon. The ingredients can be acquired in any store or pharmacy selling toothpastes and teeth whiteners, so you can pick them up during your regular shopping sessions.

I am a sucker for beautiful smiles, so it goes without saying that I religiously use this teeth whitening procedure, and the effects are self-evident.

Homemade Teeth Whitener Recipe

Step 1: — Mix 1/2 part of hydrogen peroxide to 1/2 part of Listerine (or any mouthwash) then gargle the mixture for about a minute and rinse out the mouth.


Step 2: — Grab some toothpaste and 1 tsp baking soda and dilute with water to reach a toothpaste consistency then brush your teeth using this mixture and rinse as usual. That’s it and you’re done.


I used to believe that I was only imagining the fact that my teeth got a few shades whiter, until people who knew nothing about my brand-new technique complimented my smile. I can’t possibly think of a better incentive to whiten your teeth at home, than to have other people acknowledging the improvement.

Please use this procedure with caution

If apply too frequently, it may cause your teeth enamel to wear down and be vulnerable to cavity, which is least desirable compare to having a slight staining/yellowing of teeth. Moderation should be pursued in anything, and teeth whitening makes no exception, so don’t overdo it because excessive use can lead to weaker enamel.

The good news is, this simple remedy work without the need of going overboard while cutting down the cost of buying teeth whiteners.



  1. Calleigh says

    Dont use hydrogen peroxide alone, you need to dilute this thing with the other ingredients mentioned on my post.

  2. shelly says

    Hi.. i love your page and tips.. please can you create a search bar on your page.. because it is very difficult to look for a previous post.. !! thanks

  3. Calleigh says

    Noted your message. I’m actively looking for a web designer to design a user-friendly layout on my site. That would be very soon.

  4. Carol says

    Hi! I love your page, I’m learning a lots, thank you.. But I have a question: Do you have any natural remedi to make bigger the butt part?, I saw on a magazine it’s a cream that said it’ll help, but it’s very expensive… :-/

  5. Hemant says

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  6. shwathi says

    hi thanks for sharing beauty tips, am eager to read ur tips daily and we r doing web site with desigining as ur wants if intersted mail ur needs we ill contact u mail id.

  7. Evy says

    My dentist told me that this method will make my teeth more loose as i am already having a serious pain, and i feel like they would fall out.
    My front teeth pains like hell, can’t stand it after eating anything spicy. I am taking a medicine now for this.
    Do you have any other easy method for teeth whitening? Plz help……

  8. kavi says

    Hi..Thanks so much for yr tips…I love them.
    Please tell me what’s the difference between baking soda and bicarbonate soda..

  9. Stephanie says

    What if I don’t do the hydrogen peroxide and mouthwash part. What if I only do the toothpaste and baking soda part? Will it work still? Will it whiten your teeth still?

  10. Stephanie says

    What if I only do the baking soda and toothpaste part? Will it still whiten my teeth? Or is it necessary to do the hydrogen peroxide and mouthwash also?

  11. Calleigh says

    If you really wish to whiten your teeth, hydrogen peroxide is necessary. Baking soda helps as well but the effects takes time.. But its your choice, you can do the baking soda trick and skip the hydrogen peroxide.

  12. jhack says

    Hydrogen peroxide is safe to put in your mouth? I bought hydrogen peroxide and it says its use for wounds and ulcer.. is it safe to gargle?

  13. Calleigh says

    You can only make your butt bigger thru proper exercise that targets the butt

  14. Calleigh says

    This trick doesn’t give you instant result. You need to be consistent in using this mixture for 2 or more months to see results.

  15. Lisa says

    A weekly brushing with a baking soda & water paste is all that is necessary. Using peroxide & mouthwash is unnecessary for teeth whitening.

  16. america says

    For the person that has the sore and loose teeth, use dental floss for two or three days, and you will notice a remarkable change in the looseness and pain. Then worry about whitening them.

  17. Lavanya says

    I love your tips…. can you add a search button option
    So that we can search the blog for and tips we need on
    Specific problems….please i want to look for few beauty tips.

  18. Calleigh says

    Baking soda is different from baking powder (this is for cooking purpose). You can find baking soda at your local groceries.

  19. Calleigh says

    Baking soda is available in any supermarket. It’s a white powder and you will easily recognize it when you read the label.

  20. Rana says

    Calleigh I love your tips and all informative things related to health and beauty .As you said that it’s ok to use baking soda and paste daily ? Are you really sure if it’s safe to use everyday for teeth whitening ?

  21. angel says

    Hi mam, can u please tell me how to gain weight. Facial as well as overall body weight!!

  22. Jessica Emmerson says

    great post, will incorporate these tips into my routine, never heard of using hydrogen peroxide before but it looks
    promising, also i can’t believe how many people ignore the importance of drinking water, it’s often the simplest
    things that have the best results, I was able to whiten my teeth several shades better thanks to having a strong
    foundation and it includes things like simply drinking lots of water that and following a good daily routine I
    found , in case you want to follow this routine you can see it at
    again thanks for the posts and never give up on your journey to a brighter smile!

  23. Discovery Dental WA says

    Interesting!! This blog is really beneficial for those who are finding inexpensive way to whiten their teeth at home. Thanks for sharing this information.


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