How to Reduce Pimple and Acne Redness Using Aspirin Mask

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I’ve always suspected that there is more about acne than meets the eye, because no matter how many lotions I’ve used the results were always unsatisfying on the long run. Covering up the outbreak and hoping that eventually it will die out on its own volition, is of course nothing more than wishful thinking. For as long as we do nothing to deal with the underlying causes, the effects will persist and return even more aggressive.

You can only imagine my skepticism when hearing about the Aspirin Mask as a definitive remedy for acne, but the facts were pretty convincing. It makes perfect sense to use aspirin for annihilating bacteria, and since these are responsible for the acne outbreak in the first place, I thought that this treatment is worth a shot. Add to this the fact that it costs very little to create and apply such a mask, and you’ve got plenty of reasons not to dismiss the aspirin mask.


The active ingredient in aspirin is salicylic acid, a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) that does a brilliant job in cleaning out pores by killing the bacteria infesting them. These microscopic creatures are responsible for more than acne, so if you are battling pimples or persistent redness in your skin, you would probably solve the problem with this remedy.

The effects are almost immediate and unlike other homemade remedies that are hit or miss, the aspirin mask is guaranteed to work. The only thing that you need to make sure of is to have your skin clean before applying the concoction.

TIP: Make sure to sanitize your hands/fingers by washing them with anti-bacterial soap or sanitizing spray before doing this procedure.






I find this an excellent mask to use once or twice a week. It makes your skin feel as soft as a baby’s bottom and helps to clarify skin tone and texture.

Precaution:This is an informational post and don’t take this as a medical advice. Refrain from using if you have problems with blood thinning, nursing, pregnant or have a Reye’s disease. If your skin is sensitive and experience irritation, stop using this application asap.

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  1. Lauren Robinson says

    I love this website so much! I just tried the mask and my skin has never looked better! Thank you so much

  2. Calleigh says

    @Ana Paula
    You must use the aspirin if you wish to reduce the redness or inflammation of pimples, since aspirin has an active ingredients called salicylic acid that kills bacteria.

  3. Rachelle says


    I cannot wait this mask since I have had SO much trouble with acne and nothing works. Will aspirin pills with an enteric coat work for this, or do they have to be uncoated?

    Thank you!

  4. Calleigh says

    Uncoated aspirin melts easily with water, so its best to use the uncoated one. I haven’t tried the coated one though.

  5. buy revitol hair removal cream says

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  6. huma says

    can u plz tell me the tip how to remove scars on face. deep scars. plz help me
    i los my cnfidence level.

  7. reena shahi says

    hey … i read ur post. and I must say that diz post iz too gud..
    plz cn u tell me how nd frm where I get d aspirin mask tablet??

  8. Calleigh says

    It depends on your skin type. Try using this 2x a week at first to see how your skin reacts and if your skin is sensitive to this, just do it once a week or interval.

  9. sarahnasim says

    what is aspirin???? is aspirin is any tablet name??? coz i go to medicine shop for aspirin nd they said that there has no tablet name aspirin… aspirin use 50%as for made any medicines…!!!

  10. Calleigh says

    If you are in India, I believe you are using dispirin – this tablet contains the active ingredient acetylsalicylic acid, otherwise known as aspirin.

  11. Fahmida hridy says

    I love ur tips. . .
    Only aspirin will apply on skin. Or other ingredients add with this. I can’t understand properly.

  12. palak says

    Hi should I put this aspirin mask on pimple redness. I just pop out the pimple it have only redness shall we apply it or not….

  13. christine says

    Thanks for sharing. I need to try desperately. Guess i hv hormonal imbalance since i gv birth. I am now facing congested skin with inflamed pimples(with n without head) hv tried dermalogica salicylic acid wont help so i am trying the natural way by using argan oil but no help. Now trying maracuja oil..dont see anything yet. Facial not helping too. Am starting with flaxseed oil. Km so tired!

  14. palak says

    i cant get this tablet frm medical shop…. so frm were i get????
    or is dere any alternative solution

  15. Calleigh says

    Just check the ingredients of what you have. The active ingredient in aspirin is salicylic acid, if ecospirin has it, you can try that one.

  16. sara says

    I have very bad dry skin n usually I have white pimples around the lips which r always give me hard time thn after it gone scare r left. Plz tell me I’m having thyroid can I use this mask on my skin also plz plz tell me something for scars.. luv ur site n keep up the good wrk

  17. palak says

    it is each enteric-coated tablet contains acetylsalicylic acid IP….
    does it ryt to use or nt?

  18. Calleigh says

    check the ingredients if the one available for you contain salicylic acid, if yes, you can use that one.

  19. Rayasree says

    I am from India and I am Not getting aspirin at anywhere.. So can i use Disprine… instead of it..

  20. PenelopePea says

    I just tried your trick and it worked like a dream. Thank you! I have been struggling to switch to a more natural skin care regime, but this has caused me to break out. Ugh! Now, with a little swap, I can continue to use my natural cleansers and toner, but can fight back with the salicylic acid my skin needs without the superfluous and harmful chemicals that reside within those other lotions and potions. Truly, thank you!

  21. diksha says

    I am from India and I am Not getting aspirin at
    anywhere.. So can i use Disprine… instead of it..

  22. Calleigh says

    You can apply this mask on your whole face or you can use this as a spot treatment as well.

  23. huma says

    U didn’t answer my que calleigh i asked u how can i remove deep scars from there any remedy or suggestion? Does laser treatment work for scars? Or tell me abour cosmetic surgery. Plz. Will it work?

  24. Calleigh says

    There are different ‘levels’ of acne scars. if you have a deep scars on your face, your best options are the following:
    1.) Microdermabrasion
    2.) Laser
    3.) Chemical peels – this can be very effective if your scars aren’t too deep and old. You can see a difference after the first treatment depending on your skin condition.

  25. shivani says

    I am from can i use disprin tab for the same??
    And really very effective tips have been posted by u…thanks…

  26. guy says

    can i use aspirin delayed release
    tablets usp ecosprin-75 for acne
    it contains acetylsalicylic acid IP
    please suggest me some faster

  27. Calleigh says

    You should rinse it after 5 or 10 minutes and apply moisturizer if needed.

  28. bhawana says

    hi,thx u for this awesome tip,definitely gonna try cz i have a sudden breakout today n day after tmrw i have to attend family wedding.


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