Homemade Microdermabrasion – Stay Pretty on the Cheap

by Calleigh

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I’ve always felt that there is more to baking soda that meets the eye, but until I actually made the first attempts to use it for homemade remedies, this was nothing more than a hunch. Among the details that I found particularly interesting, were the ones depicting the efficiency of baking soda on exfoliating the skin. My previous attempts of extracting as much as possible from this substance were limited to mixtures aimed at cleaning my hands on those occasions when regular soap delivered subpar results.

My guess was that in the right dosage and mixed with distilled water, it could help in exfoliating the skin on my face, without harming it in any way. To use it as a skin exfoliant was a big step because my main concern was not to scrub the skin instead of polishing it, but I’m glad I took this leap of faith. Being all natural and free of potentially harmful chemicals, baking soda is abrasive enough to produce exfoliation that is by no means inferior to what commercial products can deliver.

You’ll need:

2 tbsp Baking soda
Distilled water

You need to take your time and make circular moves at a slow pace, so that the aging lairs of skins are exfoliated, revealing a soft and radiant layer. There are of course no side effect of using baking soda, so regardless of how sensitive your skin might be, this homemade remedy will not create more problems than benefits. By including this on your skin care routines, you will discover that your skin looks better than ever before and you won’t throw money down the drain by purchasing commercial exfoliants.


Note: Baking soda can be caustic and drying, so don’t do this more than 2 times per week. If it makes your skin feels raw or dry at two times a week, use it minimally every once a week. You can try mixing it up with honey or Calendula oil which is a great moisturizer for skin that is dry, so incorporating this essential oil with this skin care routine will keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. Making it a perfect option for a natural moisturizer.

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ashmikhadka November 28, 2013 at 5:44 pm

baking soda is more types so what useing a baking soda?

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