Homemade Eye Cream – How to Get Rid of Wrinkles, Fine Lines and Dark Circles

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The skin around our eyes unveils that we are no longer a spring chicken..so you can bid farewell to the glory days of getting carded to get a drink. Indeed, accepting our age to one’s heart as we triumph over knowledge and grace is a great intention. But generally, the under-eye area can be quite delicate compared to the rest of your face. Anything from moping and crying, to lack of sleep can result in dark circles, unsightly puffiness as well as facial wrinkles.

While we don’t argue with the inevitable (indication of aging = lines and wrinkles), providing extra TLC to your peepers is actually beneficial. Oftentimes, a regular moisturizer is not best suited for the eye area, therefore there exist beauty products meant particularly for the eyes.


Benefits of Using Eye Cream

Depending on which eye cream you use, it can help hydrate, de-puff, moisturize and reduce dark circles and provisionally tighten the eye area. That being the case, it is never too late to take the first step on taking care of your eye area.

I am all for homemade treatments and such a sucker for a good eye cream, but a great deal of under eye products on the market include a pile of excessive chemicals. Your peepers rightfully earned the best, and this Do-it-yourself eye cream offers no shortage as you can stay clear of the iffy chemicals plus the outrageous prices.


At this point, I’ve been using this mixture routinely for around 6 weeks and although the laugh lines around my eyes are not going anywhere soon, I’ve noticed that my under-eyes feel and look far more hydrated. I’m not preaching about some instantaneous miracle wonder, however a subtle and significant change is a bonus for me.

Here’s 2 options for Homemade Eye Cream:

Option #1: You’ll Need:

  • 100% Vitamin E oil – or in capsules
  • Organic Coconut Oil
  • Small clean resealable container

Option #2: You’ll Need:

  • Evening Primrose Oil
  • 100% Vitamin E Oil – or in capsules
  • Small clean resealable container

Under Eye Option #1 Directions:

  • Coconut oil tends to be in solid form when stored in room temperature. So, you need to liquefy the coconut oil by putting 2-3 scoops of tbsp into a microwaveable bowl and pop in microwave within 10 seconds until it starts to melt (you can adjust the amount of coconut oil depends on the size of container to use for storage).
  • After that, puncture or cut 5 – 8 capsules of Vitamin E oil (I used 5 capsules for 1 oz jar) and add these to your melted coconut oil.
  • Blend them well and put the mixture inside the fridge to solidify the cream, once it becomes solid, there’s no need to keep it refrigerated as the oils will not turn rancid.
  • Apply the cream morning and night.

Under Eye Option #2 Directions:

  • Mix equal amount of Evening Primrose Oil and Vitamin E oil and blend them together
  • Place the mixture in a clean resealable container and you’re ready to go.
  • Dab a q-tip into the mixture and follow below procedure on how to apply an eye cream.

How to Apply:

  • Eye cream travels organically, so for proper application, dot the cream half inch above your upper lashline and below your lower lashline.
  • While sleeping, the cream will travel on its own and wind up all over your crow’s feet, where you wanted it to begin with.
  • Be sure to use your ring finger to apply it (it’s your weakest finger so you won’t pull too hard) and after making the dots, gently pat them in for proper absorption.


Primrose Oil has been found to have many benefits, including:

  • It can rejuvenate tired and aging skin
  • It can make tired eyes look fresher by rubbing a little under and around your eyes
  • It can be rubbed into your skin to remove redness and minor blemishes
  • It can help dry skin to feel suppler and younger
  • It can be massaged into dry skin to make it smoother and silkier
  • It can be used to reduce and remove fine wrinkles
  • It can be rubbed into your skin to help you feel rejuvenated and younger.

The unrefined oil will moisturize and plump up your skin, and skin care creams that include it as a natural ingredient can help wound healing in addition to making it look and feel younger.

Anti-Aging Benefits of Vitamin E

  • Vitamin E added to lotions, creams, and other skin care products, as well as taken orally, plays a role in the anti-aging of skin.
  • It helps skin look younger by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Also, free radicals are believed to play an important role in skin aging and therefore the antioxidant activity is quite valuable for this skin problem.


  1. atika says

    Hey I just saw your post and it’s really helpful for me since I have this dark circles for years..
    but anyway, they don’t have the organic coconut oil or primrose oil in here.. they do have coconut oil but not the organic one.. can I use other kind of coconut oil? if I can, then which kind?
    in here we seem to have a home made coconut oil.

    Thank you, and sorry for asking too much :)

  2. Calleigh says

    You can use regular coconut oil but make sure it is 100% Virgin coconut oil for best result. Thanks for the visit.

  3. Calleigh says

    You can use any particular brand for Vitamin E capsule available in your drugstores/health store.

  4. sunitha says

    Hi this is sunitha i ve a dark circles too much & i want to use computer for full day i use eye glases also but the dark circles is more for every day so please could u tell me any solutions for that.

  5. chichi says

    shall you please tell me, what is the diy ingredients, so I can get a smooth face skin. As I have a Big pore and an oil ro dry skin…
    really need your suggestion

  6. chalam says

    If u make everything as video form then it reaches the audians easily….if u need any information feel free to call me on 0 939 143 4 143.

  7. Cassie says

    I have been using coconut oil for ages now as a full body moisturizer, I will try it with Vitamin E tho… coconut oil is great for all sorts of things….. one thing tho, why would you EVER put beautiful organic coconut oil in the microwave???? Why would you put anything in a microwave for that matter or even have one….. there are other ways to soften or melt the oil, microwave isn’t the answer……

  8. Calleigh says

    It’s only for few seconds to liquefy the coconut oil if you have it in solid form.

  9. Mala Bhat says

    Thanks for such a simple home remedy. My daughter’s neck is also very dark; can I apply this same cream to her neck also. Actually she is fair but her neck is tanned. What should I do to get rid of it?
    Mala Bhat

  10. Calleigh says

    I don’t know exactly the reason why your daughter’s neck turned tanned. Therefore, I can’t really give suggestion on that as there are lot of factors that caused a dark neck.

  11. Mamta kaushik says

    thanks a lot for giving such a wonderful home made solutions. can i apply this on whole face?? plz reply

  12. Joni says

    I want a good eye cream I can by over the counter instead of being charged on my debit card I always end up negative in my account doing online orders where can I buy a good product over counter that really really works not exspensive or mail in payment, for middle class or a good homemade product that works for wrinkles around the eyes crows feet ?
    Please send me good news

  13. shabz says

    Plz clear the quantity of coconut oil for 5 capsules of Vit E oil. 2 to 3 scoops in oine OZ jar is un understandable to me ,sorry.

  14. Akanksha says

    you are doing great work….. i m ur big fan……. Plz never stop writing…. going to try all ur suggestions….

  15. mary says

    Can I just used the liquid from vit. E capsules instead of mixing it with coconut oil or primrose oil?

  16. arlene says

    What if I wear makeup to work in the morning? Can this cream be applied under my makeup? And how long should I wait after applying this cream before applying my makeup?

  17. Rama jindal says

    Amway artistry eye cream is the best for the dark circles..
    In Amway u get vitamin E tablets..totally organic..

  18. Beverly says

    Will this mixture help for my wrinkon my chest? Worse in the morning when I get up. Please help me. Thanx

  19. Calleigh says

    Eye cream is specifically use for the eyes because the skin around eye area is ten times thinner than the skin on the face.

  20. Calleigh says

    You can use this under your make up too. Just let it sit for 10 minutes so this will really seep in into your skin and do your makeup routine as usual. But apply lightly if you are in the oily side.
    However, you can apply more during night time and leave it overnight.

  21. mamta says

    mam i appreciate ur work bcoz u suggest so many easy ways to get rid of skin problems. mam my skin is super sensitive so can you plz suggest how can i get rid from tanning n sunburns. my complexion is fair bt uneven and nt equal.. sorry for asking too much..

  22. Calleigh says

    I dont know if organic is available in your country, but you can look for the 100% virgin coconut oil

  23. Calleigh says

    You can get the primrose oil at your local health stores or you can order it online.

  24. shammi hundal says

    Hi Calleigh,please give some face masks for aging skins.Also pl suggest some masks for brightening and glowing the aging skin.Thanks

  25. Samreen says

    I tried the coconut + vit. E combo….nd let me tel u its just fabbbbbbb….. It does work on fine line s keeping ma eye area smooth nd supple … I massage it on my eye area nd also message my cheeks …they have becum much firmer in a two monthes time ….a big thanku

  26. Connie says

    How to make your own coconut oil.

    5 cans of coconut juice (You can buy this at any Asian Supermarket)

    Pour all coconut juice into a large wok. Simmer in medium fire, keep stirring until it becomes oil. This should take about 3 to 4 hours. Don’t stop stirring until the juice becomes oil. Now the brown formed particles is yummy if you top it on a yummy sweet rice. Set that aside. Its edible. Or use it to sprinkle on your deserts. The coconut oil can be use for lotion, to hot oil your hair, or to add into this solution with Vitamin E for the wrinkle around the eyes. ENJOY!!!!

  27. Calleigh says

    Sorry, but I don’t know about BADAM oil. But you can get easily vitamin E gel capsules from your local drugstores, just prick the gel and squeeze the oil out.

  28. jasmeet says

    Can I use primrose capsules .I cant find evening prim. Oil.uve suggested vit. E capsules anywaz.

  29. Calleigh says

    I actually used primrose oil in gel capsules. Just prick it and squeeze out the oil

  30. Nicole says

    Can all 3 ingredients be used together? Primrose oil, vit E and coconut oil? I like the benifits of all 3!

  31. Calleigh says

    Yes, you can use these 3 ingredients (Primrose oil, vit E and coconut oil) all together.

  32. Jennifer says

    Coconut Oil is the perfect moisturizer in my opinion! So glad to see a recipe that includes it! Thanks:)

  33. Calleigh says

    If you are in Asia, they don’t normally sell the organic version of coconut oil. If this is not available, just use the cold pressed coconut
    or the extra virgin coconut oil.

  34. Nadia fawad says

    Hey guyz… Dont use evening prime rose oil ,,,, coz when u tear the capsule its smell like hell n u can not bear it.. Even when u wash it with soap it cant remove…. U can eat capsule for healthy skin , but if u wanna use it raw , use vitamin E capsule its smells good …

  35. Calleigh says

    You can try that one but its better if you can find the 100% pure coconut oil (cold pressed) for better result.

  36. Botanica Li says

    Hi, can I use only evening primrose oil and coconut oil ?
    OR vitamin E and coconut oil ?
    please reply, thanks

  37. Calleigh says

    hi Botanica Li,
    Yes, you can do the evening primrose +coconut oil or vit E + coconut oil.


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