Easy Homemade Natural Shaving Cream for Legs and Armpits

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I’ve stumbled a lot of articles to convince me that regular shaving creams were relatively noxious. It’s not the nicks and cuts you get sporadically, but the nasty and harmful chemical ingredients that most skin care companies place on the store shelves for public consumption.

Plenty of the ingredients are known carcinogens, (substances or agents that cause cancer) and the health effects from long-term exposure to the chemicals in shaving cream can impact your fertility, cause skin issues and even lead to cancer.

However, by creating your own shaving cream devoid of the junks, you don’t have to refrain from shaving altogether, ergo you are helping yourself in reducing the exposure on these toxic substances . And the good news is, you can keep shaving your legs, your pits and do it in a natural way.


What You Need:
1½ cups of coconut oil, measured as solid
3 tablespoons honey
2 tablespoons zest of grapefruit or other citrus (or replace citrus with your favorite essential oil )

Simply mix all the ingredients altogether and place the mixture in a clean container (preferably with lid).

The best time to shave your legs or pits is when you just out from the shower, when hair and skin are soft and pores are open. Grab a small dab of the homemade shaving cream and slather it to your legs. Let it sit for a couple of seconds to enable essential moisturizing ingredients to permeate deeply into your skin before shaving.

You can use this as a moisturizer for dry areas like elbows, cuticles, and feet, as well as an addition to bath water.

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