Body Sugaring Recipes for Epilation or Hair Removal

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I wouldn’t normally resort experiments when it comes to my well-being, but the body sugaring recipe for removing hair seemed like a promising concept. Although it might sound a bit awkward for those who are used to purchasing the waxing products from the supermarket, this technique has been used for centuries.

It is not painful, in fact it will feel almost painless compared with other traditional solutions, and your skin will be just as smooth as if you were to use an expensive commercial product.


The ingredients necessary for these body sugaring epilation recipes are probably in your household already, and creating the mixture doesn’t take more than a few minutes. Applying and removing it is swift and painless, and unlike other experiments in this case you can see the results immediately. If everything went according to the plan, the fabric you apply over the concoction will be covered with hair, and the next time you resort to this treatment the element of surprise will vanish.

I’m equally attracted by the idea of paying virtually nothing for a product that is second to none of those that I could acquire online. The sheer idea of making an appointment, driving all the way to the salon for professional care and writing a check for all this trouble is giving me headaches. With this easy recipe, I can enjoy the same benefits hassle-free and due to the fact that the hair is pulled out at its roots, it takes longer for it to grow again.

Body Sugaring Recipes for Epilation or Hair Removal
  • Strips of cotton fabric
  • Spatula or wooden popsicle stick
  • Candy thermometer (to measure the temp while heating the mixture)
Ingredients (2 options):
Option 1:
  • 1 cup honey
  • 1 cup sugar (1 cup is equivalent to 8 oz)
  • juice from lemon halves (freshly squeezed)
Option 2:
  • 2 cups sugar
  • ¼ cup lemon juice (freshly squeezed)
  • ¼ cup water
  1. ) In medium heat, mix the ingredients in a heavy saucepan. Reduce to low heat once it starts boiling & stir constantly until the temperature reaches to 250 F. Then turn off the stove.
  2. ) Pour in a glass canning jar once the mixture cools down but be cautious that the temperature has cooled down before application.
How to Apply:
  1. ) Slightly sprinkle the surface with cornstarch and rub it in.
  2. ) Spread a thin layer of the mixture in the direction of the hair growth using popsicle stick then cover with cotton strip.
  3. ) Rub the fabric a few times firmly. (in the direction of the hair growth.)
  4. ) Wait for a minute then pull skin tight with one hand and rip each strip off swiftly with the other (in the opposite direction of the hair growth).
  5. ) Re-apply as needed (you can re-heat the mixture if it gets too cool.)
Re-heating Instruction:
  1. Simply add a bit of water if the mixture become stiff and pop in the microwave in a jiffy until it turned hot and blend it to cool down into the right temperature before application.


Useful Tips:

1.) You can recycle the strips by washing them in tepid soapy water.
2.) The mixture can grasp firmly if the hair is at the minimum of 1/4″.
3.) Refrain from using the mixture on warts, moles or skin tags. Do not attempt to apply the mixture on top of scrapes or cuts, stretch marks, varicose veins and rashes or any delicate area.
4.) Tightly close the jar & put in the fridge and plainly re-heat for future use.
5.) Simply add a bit of water if the mixture become stiff and pop in the microwave in a jiffy until it turned hot and blend it to cool down into the right temperature before application.


  1. Kara says

    Hello! I’ve been reading your website for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Huffman Tx! Just wanted to tell you keep up the good job!

  2. Karen says

    Hi! I just wanted to thank you for the sugaring depilation recipy. When I was in High School (well over 30 years ago) a friend gave me the recipe her family used. I haven’t been able to find it. Now that I understand that it had to reach the sticky (soft ball?) phase when heating the mixture I really want it. Now I have the recipe and proper instructions on how to make it!!!

  3. Calleigh says

    The thermometer is used for safety precaution to avoid burn accident. You can skip that one but make sure the mixture is tolerable enough before application to avoid burning your skin.

  4. heba says

    hellllo this is what we call in my country hallawa, it is amazing for the skin, but we do not use it this way, we had to make it as ball and use it with out the tissue, dear u are amazing

  5. Calleigh says

    Skip the thermometer, this is only for safe precaution to avoid burning your skin. But use this with caution.

  6. skhan says

    Lets try this recipe. I never try anything like that.. once I use it, I will definitely let u knw how it went.. but thank u so much for giving us a good idea to look beautiful. Thank you :)

  7. shu says

    your posts are awesome and very helpful for ladies like us.. continue to post more beauty tips, I super like it!!! :)

  8. Angel says

    1 cup as in the measuring cup or as in cup for tea? it’s my first time commenting on this site but i read some few tips from here.

  9. Calleigh says

    Grab some old cotton t-shirt and cut it in sizes depending on how big is the area you wish to use.

  10. rekha chhetri says

    I m so scared to do this Nevis I dnt have thermometer to measure the heat.wht to do????

  11. Calleigh says

    You dont need a thermometer. This is only use for precaution to avoid burns. But if you want to try this out, make sure that the heat is tolerable.

  12. shobha sharma says

    hey i hv been reading your site for a while now ……… just wanted to say keep up the good work………

  13. Bahar says

    Pls make it visible…can’t able to see the ingredients…
    I m so scared to do this Nevis I dnt have thermometer to measure the heat.wht to do????

  14. Calleigh says

    Thermometer is used for precaution only to avoid getting burned but you can skip on that and check manually if the temp is tolerable

  15. Jia says

    I used to do it when i was in high school.Its painful but the results are great..U can also use cotton jeans strips instead of cotton T shirts as it is more firm and easy to pull off..

  16. Calleigh says

    Im not really sure how much is your pain tolerance, but you can try it and see if it works for you. Just give it a shot.

  17. vasu says

    Could u pls also suggest how to remove underarm hairs properly because hair direction in that area is very haphazard and very difficult to do my own self and extremely painful. It gets moist too.

  18. Calleigh says

    sure you can use waxing strips, but you can use old cotton shirt as well.

  19. Calleigh says

    The best you can do to get rid of underarm hair is using the waxing method. you can try this recipe and see how it goes for you

  20. Eshmeet says

    thnkx dea.. i tried it today.. n it worked go ma hands n legs… but it easily gets cold.. n hav to heat it again n again.. it dint worked fo ma underarms bcoz f much hairs.. how can i use it fo underarms too ?

  21. Calleigh says

    You need to slightly shave your pits to make the hair short, that way, waxing is more effective

  22. MZ says

    Hey, I actually do this to remove unwanted hair on my legs. Here’s another tip so you know that your mixture is actually ready to be taken off the stove- drop a globule of the mixture in a clear glass of water, it should land as “whole” on the glass’ bottom. If the globule you dropped melted just before it lands the glass’ bottom, it means you have to continue heating it. But don’t overheat the mixture or else it will be useless. Good luck!

  23. rodilyn says

    We used it here in salon its called halawa here in saudi,arabian women says halawa (sugar wax) are good and the hair wont grow fast:)

  24. rodilyn says

    You can use your hand alone,without popsicle stick:)and before you apply it,get a little water with sugar mixed it together and rub it into your skin so it will remove all the hair for the first try:)

  25. Lisa says

    can i skip the cornstarch? none of the drug stores next to me has any and i really want to try out this recipe.

  26. parpol says

    you can buy cornstarch in the grocery. as for me, i use baby powder. i believe it is necessary to use this to absorb the excess moisture in our skin so that the sugar wax will work effectively. am i right calleigh?

  27. khusboo says

    hi calleigh.. dis is awsum. I want to give it a try but had some doubts. What is measurement of 1 cup that you are using in this post ?? Eagerly waiting for your rply..


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