8 ExtraOrdinary Uses for Deodorant

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I don’t know about you but I’m the kind of person that will find a way to squeeze every trace of uses from anything I own and stick of deodorant is no exception. I understand that deodorant is conducive to keep sweat and stink at bay and this is one product that we most likely use on daily basis.

What I’m saying is, if you can benefit from a stick of odor-stopping wonder and make your life easier, there’s really no harm in trying. And while its major role is to keep us fresh and smelling sweet, there are other unorthodox-yet-effective uses of deodorant that you’ll never conceived.


1Prevent from bra chafing . For those endowed with large bosom, perspiration or sweat accumulating beneath the brassiere could often lead to bacteria funk and skin tags. Make sure to rub/apply a good antiperspirant underneath your knockers before slipping on a bra. This way, chafing can be prevented while keeping it sweet smelling and dry or else, it will turn into a breast fenland, nobody wants that, isn’t it?

Or if you suffer from gauld (red, painful, irritated, oozing skin under the fold of the belly or in the creases between the thighs and the groin area), it can be prevented by applying stick deodorant to the area after washing and drying thoroughly.


2Just bought a new pair of shoes that rubbing off your feet? Put a stop to blisters by simply swiping a stick of antiperspirant around the sides of your clean, dry feet and just slip that feet back in. The deodorant works as a shield between your shoes and your skin thus lubricating those problem areas.

3Feeling itchy caused by pesky bug bites? I tried this one and it really worked wonder for me. Swipe the stick deodorant on the affected area a few times a day or whenever it feel itchy and watch the itching vanish.


4 Keeping down that stinky feet. Swipe a stick deodorant/antiperspirant to the bottoms of your feet before hitting the bed will ward off foot odor and wetness during the day. Deodorant stops wetness and odor in porous places on our bodies and our feet are one of those places. Stick deodorants/antiperspirants will make the feet slithery until they are absorbed so make sure to wear hosiery or socks after application.

5Trying to fit on that skinny jeans? Swiping your legs with antiperspirant/deodorant will actually lubricate or grease your legs right into a pair of tight skinny jeans or anything leather-related pants.


6 Dry out that Zits.Stick deodorant/antiperspirant is known for its drying agent, therefore you can use this to dry out your zits, fever blisters and cold sores. Just be sure to designate a different deodorant for this purpose other than the one you used for your armpits.

7Keep clammy and sweaty hands dry . Use unscented deodorant/antiperspirant over the palm of your hands to keep it dry. Or if you are a sweater when it comes to make up, apply some deodorant on your face (a new one of course) and then apply your make up.

8 Mend that squeaking door. Rub a stick deodorant on your door hinge to get rid of that squeaky noise sound.


  1. Amber says

    You can also rub deodorant on panty hose to stop the friction from your thighs rubbing if you’re on the heavier side. =)

  2. Calleigh says

    Thanks for adding this tip. it make sense. Will add this tip as well.

  3. Ashley says

    I am a bigger girl and i rub deodorant in the inside on my thighs when i wear dresses. No chaffing for me!

  4. Alex says

    I don’t know about some of these, has anyone ever put deodorant on their hands? I have, and it aweful, it dried out my hands so bad it looked like I had been in the tub all day. It was also itchy, painful, and just uncomfortable.

  5. Christine says

    You can also apply deodorant to your bikini line after shaving to prevent razor bumps! :)

  6. Danielle says

    you can use it on fresh shaving nicks as well – will stop the bleeding very quickly!

  7. Mary says

    I have used the deodorant under my Breast and it worked by keeping the sweat away and irritation down from my bra always sitting in the same spot however it clogged a pore and created this bump that I just had to pop and it winded up getting infected and after I got all the infection drained it was just a hole-weird right. Needless to say I’d rather sweat than deal with that again. Just saying

  8. Ann says

    The body is made to sweat and anti perspirant clogs glands trapping toxins inward when they are trying to excrete. Remember our skin’s job is excretion. By applying anti perspirant in all areas that have lymphatic drainage you will cause cysts, acne and eventually major health issues. Apply a little corn starch or wash with soap when possible but otherwise just let the body do its thing!

  9. Belle says

    I was just going to comment the same thing!!! There is a day out of the week where I stay home and I don’t wear any makeup or deodorant so my skin can be free and clear of all the abuse I put it through. Great advice!

  10. Shelby Megan says

    Try a night cream with an 8-10% glycolic acid, which is known for helping dark spots. Other brighten ingredients that are less damaging than bleaching agents are citric acid, vitamin a and c, any LHA’s or AHA’s =}
    Bio Oil is a great product for cheap and don’t let the oil part scare you there’s a special molecule in the formulation that makes it absorb within 5 or so mins max depending on how much you put.
    Vichy Proeven or Reversa Anti Dark Spot Day/Night are great examples of creams u can use but use an SPF in conjunction with any products with these brightening ingredients as they resurface your skin and are revealing baby skin and you don’t want to burn if your tanning or in a tank top.

  11. zbri says

    Swipe under your breasts??? On your feet? Its made for your armpits FOR A REASON. Ask some of the females that have breast cancer……deo under boobs is way toxic for your skin! Just use a scented baby powder……way less toxicity.

  12. Jill says

    Be aware that most deodorants contain Aluminum and high aluminum levels in the body have been linked to Alzheimer’s Disease. As we swipe them over our skin, particularly areas with lymph node clusters, the aluminum is absorbed. Something to be aware of! Best to keep to small areas, or aim for a deodorant with no antiperspirant qualities.

  13. Tianna says

    you do know that if the toxins in your breasts can’t breathe for example ” A bra that doesn’t fit, or putting deodorant on your breasts ” can cause cancer right??? and like Jill posted above! You should not do that!!

  14. says

    If you wax your eyebrows, lip, etc. and run out of the lotion that takes the wax off your face, deodorant works great for that too!

  15. Samantha says

    You keep talking about solid deo. There is also still at least one spray. We have Sauce in the house. My son sometimes uses it on his feet to prevent peeling due to over sweating. And you can use this one any place on your body w/o having to worry about where else its been. But I do agree with some of the other commenters…only use it on other body areas if absolutely necessary. There are reasons why we sweat. And there is a balm that you can use for chafing, don’t use deo/antiperspirant for it.

  16. Caitlin says

    You realize the back of deodorant says “Apply to underarms only” for a reason right? It’s specifically made for the armpits. It’s not made to accommodate the glands and pores all over the rest of our body. If this was uses for deodorant around the house, that’s fine.

  17. Christi says

    Oh my goodness, these comments crack me up. So much sensationalism in one post!

    You guys? It comes down to common sense. A little deodorant under the boobs now and then will not kill you. A little on the thighs one day when you wear a dress? Also, will not kill you. For those so concerned about clogging this or that, just use a deodorant, not an antiperspirant. They have different qualities (i.e. deodorant is intended to stop odor, not sweat). Obviously, you shouldn’t use a product outside its intended use all day, every day for 40 yrs. That could cause an issue. But every now and then to solve a girl’s problem? Have at it. And Caitlin? Sometimes warnings are there because it’s a serious hazard used any other way, but if that is the case, it is usually detailed on the label. Most of the time, warnings on products are listed as a CYA tactic because some idiot used it in a stupid way and the company was sued (i.e. the “hot” warning on coffee cups).

    I guess my point is that people can choose what they allow. If you don’t like the thought of putting some deodorant under your girls, don’t do it. These are suggestions, not cardinal rules. Stop being so dramatic, because, as we all know, LIKE OMG, DRAMA GIVES YOU CANCER. It’s true, I read it in Cosmo.

    On a separate note, I have used Monistat chafing gel in the past for all my chafing needs, and it is stellar. Just sayin’.

  18. Spencer says

    Just saying… Deoderant blocks your pores, reducing the amount of overall oxygen intake. If you put enough on, you can put yourself in a lot of danger.

  19. Lala says

    I was thinking about putting over my ENTIRE BODY, Spencer! Think that’ll put me in a LOT of danger? Calm down.

  20. Kim says

    When my puppy was chewing the edges of my baseboards, I rubbed some deodorant on all the places she chewed and she HATED the taste! She instantly stopped!

  21. 13etty says

    Its a god send for razor bumps aka ingrown hairs particularly on the bikini soothes Instantly and bumps vanish

  22. Sam says

    @Mary, you got an absest (sp) it nothing to do with the deordant. I use mine under my breast after every shower and it helps with my bra no rubbing me raw. Plus you poping it caused it to get infected..

  23. jorlei says

    Instead of deodorant under the bra. You can roll up a small washcloth and put it under the band of yor bra to collect any sweat. It actuall keeps you a bit cooler

  24. isleigh says

    Big deal if deordorant clogs pores. Make up does that and still women decide to cake on their make up

  25. Data Entry Provider says

    I really like tips no. 2 which i hv never tried and it works best too..but will u pls explain tips no. 8 if we apply some deordorant on face it can’t cause of irritation..after all it made from chemicals n all.

  26. DrDNoble says

    There have been ZERO studies that show that anti-perspirant causes cancer or any lymph issues. This is old rhetoric that get’s brought up every few years by those trying to sell ‘natural’ type products. It also does not cause abscesses or blockages. If you had an abscess, 98% of the time it’s because a hair follicle was trapped below the skin surface and became infected. If that happens on any area of the body use a warm wash cloth compress to soften the area and bring the discharge to the surface. If the skin breaks, clean thoroughly, use an anti-bacterial cream or ointment and keep the area dry and free from anything rubbing on it. If redness persists for more than 3 or 4 days, go see your GP and you may have a fungal infection, a boil or an infection that requires anti-biotics. As as someone who takes public transit everyday – for gods sake wear deodorant or anti-perspirent , nobody wants to be next to someone with BO. You might think you don’t smell, the rest of us are gagging.

  27. Kerrie McKinley says

    Well said Christi! Use common sense people…if you think one of these ideas isn’t a good idea for you, then don’t do it! Ugh

  28. Dawn says

    Some of you are just plain nuts and will believe anything you read on the internet. Using deodorant under your breast will NOT cause breast cancer! If it did cause breast cancer, don’t you suppose people would be getting ARMPIT CANCER? Skin is skin, no matter what part of the body it covers. I was a very large person with large breasts. Well, I lost over 60lbs two years ago, and have a lot of sagging skin. I also suffer from hot flashes. I was told by my oncologist to use deoderant/antiperspirant under my breasts and tummy. I asked him if it was safe to use and he assured me it was. If I don’t do this every day, my skin starts to break down from constantly being wet. By the way, my oncologist isn’t some local “country” doc either. He’s world renowned and the only specialist in the U.S. who treats the particular cancer that I had. He wouldn’t save me from one cancer just to give me another. He also said you can’t get breast cancer from your phone either.


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