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Nothing says youthful and attractive like a flat stomach with a sculpted, lean look. Whether you want a six pack or simply want your jeans to look fabulous, you won’t get there by simply doing crunches. Crunches, just like all exercises you do on your back work the muscles that are on the midsection of your stomach. If you want to work those deeper muscles that make you have a small narrow waist, you need to do exercises from an upright position. Crunches also can aggravate back problems and create muscle strain, which is why some people avoid them completely.

Getting a good core workout means you have to exercise all the muscles in your lower back, abs, pelvis and hips. Not only do these exercises help you look better, they’re functional workouts, meaning they improve your ability to do everyday tasks, while reducing the risk of injury. You’ll be able to lug several bags in from the grocery or even run to catch the dog before he escapes entirely.
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