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Hibiscus is nothing short of a miracle, when it comes to treating hair loss and promoting thick hair growth. Hibiscus is widely grown in India as well as other Asian countries and it produces flowers year round. Though there are many varieties of hibiscus flowers, I prefer the red colored hibiscus flowers to make this homemade hibiscus hair oil. This hibiscus oil prevents hair fall, controls dandruff and prevents split ends, if used regularly.

Why These Ingredients

As we all know, Hibiscus flower and its leaves are used in Asian countries specially India for treating hair problems. There are some herbal hibiscus powders available on the local or online stores. For many years Hibiscus flower and leaves are being used world wide for its benefits on hair. It helps prevent hair fall, dandruff, graying of hair, spit ends and keeps hair healthy, black and nourished. It also helps growing hair faster.

Mustard Oil:
Mustard oil as well as Hibiscus flower is very beneficial to hair. Some of us may not approve of this as it stinks (I was also totally anti of using this oil on hair), but the benefits that one can get from this oil is an eye opener for many of us. Honestly, I never used mustard oil on my hair before, but while searching about hair growth, I came to know the benefits, and since then I am using it religiously; thrice a week.
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